In my plugin I want to select some layers programmatically. But with

virtual QList<QgsMapLayer *> QgsLegendInterface::selectedLayers(bool inDrawOrder = false)

I only receive the actually selected layers.

I've tried in QgsLayerTreeView the method void QgsLayerTreeView::setCurrentLayer(QgsMapLayer * layer) But I only can select one Layer, and I need to select more layers.

Any idea what could I try?

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I couldn't find the way directly from the QGIS API. However, you can achieve it using Qt4.

You need to temporarily set the selection mode of the layer tree view to multi-selection, select all your layers, and then set the selection mode back.

from PyQt4.QtGui import QAbstractItemView
iface.layerTreeView().setSelectionMode( QAbstractItemView.MultiSelection )

# Select your layers, this time they are not mutually exclusive

iface.layerTreeView().setSelectionMode( QAbstractItemView.ExtendedSelection )

For QGIS 3, replace from PyQt4.QtGui import QAbstractItemView with from qgis.PyQt.QtWidgets import QAbstractItemView to use PyQt5


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