I'm in the process of configuring Web Adaptor with Portal for ArcGIS . here's what happened . I Opened the Web Adaptor webpage then I was ordered to select a product to configure it with the Adaptor . I selected 'Portal for ArcGIS' , pressed next , then appeared a webpage with two lines :

Not Found

HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.

This is exactly what I have done . The authorization process was successful and Portal for ArcGIS Windows service is running fine .

  • I have a similar problem—trying to run configurewebadaptor.sh to link portal to the webadaptor, but no matter how I arrange the parameters, I get 'Unable to register web adaptor.Unable to register web adaptor. : {404 - Not Found}'. Did you ever find a solution? – elrobis May 17 '18 at 15:28

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