I'm working with a layer that isn't editable, and when attempting to convert labels to annotation, there were some unplaced annotations. In the past, I would just open the unplaced annotation window and add them. I have discovered that in 10.0, the annotation has been moved into the editing environment. Since I can't edit the layer, I can't access the unplaced annotation. by the same token, I can't create database stored annotation since the destination is not an editable environment, and can't be changed. Apart from exporting the layer in question into an editable location, is there a workaround for map-stored annotation that can be accessed outside of an edit session?

  • Can you upgrade to at least 10.1? There are major fixes and improvements over 10.0. This may be one of them. I have no problems with annotation and I'm using 10.3. I can create annotations and access unplaced annotations. – jbalk Sep 27 '16 at 2:59
  • At home, I have 10.4 and no issue, but at work the upgrade is being held off pending a major upgrade that's already a month overdue. – TDavis Sep 27 '16 at 14:06
  • In the meantime, you could store your labels as a point file.. – jbalk Sep 28 '16 at 0:14

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