I have two ArcGIS Online accounts:

  • ArcGIS for Organizations which I log into as a named user
  • Public Account which I log into as a Gmail user

Today, I logged into my Public Account and as I did so I saw a message which said something about "resetting" before the login proceeded.

When I visited My Content I found that all of the considerable content that I authored there last week was gone.

If anybody else has experienced this can you tell me the likely/precise wording of the "resetting" message that I saw, so that I can submit this to my local Esri support to look into?

I now think the intermittent issue above is probably unrelated to the reset message which I have since seen again without loss of content:

Your login session has been reset. Please try again.


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I logged a support incident with our local support, and a few hours later, before receiving contact with their technical staff 24 hours later, I re-checked my Public Account and the content had re-appeared.

I found out that they had reported it to Redlands but I am not sure if anything was done to restore it.

I have since seen the issue twice more, but only for a few minutes at a time so I think there is an intermittent issue where the content just seems to have disappeared.

As an update Redlands and local Esri support continue to investigate this with me.


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