I've carried out a points in polygon analysis. My output data contains the following results:

PolygonID    Point.Count
1            3
2            0
4            1
5            0
6            8  
8            4

Evidently, the analysis is working in that it returned values for most polygons. However, some polygons have no values at all?

It is clear what polygons with a value of zero mean - there are no points within the polygon boundary in question.

However, why would some be returned with no values?

Can I treat these the same as zero? Or, is this perhaps a bug in QGIS?


Using QGIS Version 2.14

I took a CSV file with lat-long coordinates in WGS84 and then saved it as a shapefile.

This shapefile was then imported into a new project and re-saved as EPSG:27700.

It was then imported into a project with my polygons that were already in EPSG:27700, to carry out the points in polygon analysis.

  • which version of qgis? also, what's the source of your polygon layer (e.g. shapefile / database table / delimited file...). Gut feel says it could be EMPTY geometries, especially if you're using delimited file. – Steven Kay Sep 27 '16 at 19:09
  • Steven, I have edited my answer to include this information now. Any ideas? – Thirst for Knowledge Sep 29 '16 at 10:54

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