I have a Raster map with East,West, North and south boundaries as follows (-118.875,-118.75,37.125, 37) and a Vector data. Now I want to plot a vector lines on this raster map. the vector line is in JSON format : "geometries": [ { "type": "LineString", "coordinates": [ [ -124.21855199991967, 40.725894000326946 ], [ -124.21783999992073, 40.72704999928351 ], [ -124.21660999992264, 40.72901999928047 ] ] },

To plot this line on the map, I was confused how to consider the E,W,N,S values. If I take line vector as (x1,y1), (x2,y2)..... and if I can conver E,W,N,S values to (x,Y) format, with this reference I can start plotting. I am coding in C# to achieve the above. How to consider the E,W,N,S values as (X,Y) ?

Is my approach is right if their are other efficient way please do share.

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It looks like they are already in x, y format. The north and south boundaries are y values and the east west boundaries are x values. If that is the actual line you are trying to plot, it is outside the boundaries of your raster.

  • Are the West boundary and South boundary can be considered as a origin ? and How can I convert this latitude and longitude values to index positions to locate a particular pixel in map [an array containing the pixel values of the amp]and to do seeding around the pixel at a particular point do we have any standard library in C# ?
    – makot
    Sep 28, 2016 at 16:59

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