I'm wondering if anyone is aware of some sort of conflict between leaflet-markercluster-rails and another gem that would prevent the markers from displaying properly?

It's the only thing I can think after almost a week for messing around with code. NOTHING seems to work. See my original post for my code.

I'm running rails 4.2.5 on Windows box if that mattes. ANY help would be wonderful. :)


For those interested, it turned out that the gems leaflet-rails and leaflet-markercluster-rails were not compatible.

using different gems, I was able to get not only the most up to date versions, but they were compatible.

gem 'rails-assets-leaflet', source: 'https://rails-assets.org'
gem 'rails-assets-leaflet.markercluster', source: 'https://rails-assets.org'

Hope this helps somebody else not loose days of their life trying to get things to work. :)

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