I've only done networking using ArcGIS, but am now trying to set up with OpenSource software in a Windows environment. I have PostGIS installed and found a Windows binary for pgRouting (although I'm not clear on how to install this). I now need to get OSM data ready for pgRouting and osm2pgrouting seems to be the way to go. However, I can only find instructions for installation on Ubuntu. Can anybody help me with an idiot's guide to compiling and installing osm2pgrouting on windows please?

Many thanks!


If you are still open for other suggestions, I'd recommend osm2po instead of osm2pgrouting because in my experience it works without size limitations. It's also very easy to install. I've written a short how-to part 1 & part2 a while ago.

I've also written a guide on installing pgRouting on Windows which should help you install the binaries you downloaded.

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  • Superb! I am always open to alternative suggestions (since I regularly make them myself!). I will check this out. I found osm2po and liked the look of it but was put off because the documentation was in German. I thought I'd ask here before I tried working off a Google translation (which could get "interesting"). Your "how to" looks helpful so I will follow that. Thanks for taking the time to share it. – MappaGnosis Mar 5 '12 at 16:04
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    In case anybody else is looking for this solution, can I add a little hint to underdark's excellent "how to". Avoid spaces in your path to osm2po. I put mine under "C:\Program Files\" and got a fatal error. Osm2po could not find the path to the subfolder it tries to create using your prefix. Moving osm2po to a location with no spaces fixed the issue and it is now running happily as I type. – MappaGnosis Mar 6 '12 at 10:38

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