I wanted to add "ABOUT" button to a Pythonaddins toolbar the button should display a window that contains both of a text defines the authors and an image about the developer organisation. I followed an example about using Tkinter, as the following adress http://gisstudycenter.blogspot.com.eg/2014/12/how-to-create-graphical-user-interface.html

the script works as shown enter image description here

but immediately the arc crashes enter image description here

The code I used is

from Tkinter import *
import datetime
from array import *

root = Tk()
logo = PhotoImage(file="D:\My Papers\Paper 19 - StandAlone Gis Application\Draft\William_Shakespeare.gif")
w2 = Label(root, image=logo).grid(row=0,column=1)
explanation = """Team Geo Zoner"""
w2 = Label(root, compound = CENTER, fg="Red", bg="black", font="Times 55 bold", text=explanation)

texter="Your Heading Goes Here"+str(p);
w3 = Label(root, compound = CENTER, fg="Green", font="Times 20 bold", text=texter)

Parameters = ['Number of Inputs','Number of Ouputs','Number of Processing Parameters','Number of Intermediate data']

r = 2
for c in Parameters:
    Label(text=c, relief=RIDGE,width=25).grid(row=r,column=0)
    Entry(text="Value", relief=SUNKEN,width=10).grid(row=r,column=1)
    r = r + 1
    i = i + 1


What is the problem? Is there an alternative in Pythonaddins to display similar messageBox with an image?

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PyQT is another GUI builder option, see Q/A below.

Developing GUI in Python for ArcGIS geoprocessing using PyQT/Tkinter/wxPython?

  • Thank you, please add an example of using PyQT to display a GUI if it contains different items (images, scrollbar, text, ...) that would be great Commented Oct 1, 2016 at 5:07

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