My team is building a web GIS portal using GeoNode. We're trying to add a "go to XY" function or widget into MapLoom or GeoExplorer, so users can enter coordinates and pan/zoom to that location on map.

Does anyone know particular script, tool, or API to make this work?

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So, I've not worked with this before, but from the GeoNode documentation , they describe that GeoExplorer is basically the stock out-of-the--box implementation of the OpenGEO SDK suite:

The GeoExplorer app is based on GeoExt, OpenLayers and ExtJS. GeoExplorer is the reference implementation of the OpenGeo Suite SDK which is based on GXP. GeoNode treats GeoExplorer as an external module that is used out of the box in GeoNode, but it is possible for you to create your own Suite SDK app and integrate it with GeoNode.

So I think that you can use the OpenGeo Suite Boundless SDK as your API for creating a plugin that does what you want. Here is documentation on creating plugins with the Boundless SDK: Creating application plugins

Again, this is not a complete answer, but hopefully would give you some place to start investigating.


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