I failed to transform two different Geodetic CRS

from pyproj import Proj, transform

#Transform from Arc1950 to WGS84
inProj = Proj(init='epsg:4326')
outProj = Proj(init='epsg:4209')
x1,y1 = 27.04892, -13.30552
x2,y2 = transform(inProj,outProj,x1,y1)
print x2,y2

but the return:

27.04892 -13.30552

this is not a correct result, it should be 27.04906, -13.30400.(I got this correct result from Mapsource.)

  • If you have access to QGIS, you can do transformation using PyQGIS which gives you the correct results. – Joseph Oct 5 '16 at 10:19
  • thanks a lot, I will try PyQGIS. is there any module i can do as this? – udbird Oct 7 '16 at 10:01
  • I've added a post to describe how you could use it =) – Joseph Oct 7 '16 at 11:05

If you want to use QGIS, you can use the following code in the Python Console which uses the QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem class to transform your points:

old_crs = QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem(4326)
new_crs = QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem(4209)
transform = QgsCoordinateTransform(old_crs, new_crs)
transform_points = transform.transform(QgsPoint(27.04892, -13.30552))
print transform_points

This will print out:



If you want to use this outside QGIS such as in the OSGeo4W shell then you could use the osgeo.osr.SpatialReference() class:

from osgeo import osr 
old_crs = osr.SpatialReference() 
new_crs = osr.SpatialReference() 
transform = osr.CoordinateTransformation(old_crs,new_crs) 
transform_points = transform.TransformPoint(27.04892, -13.30552)
print transform_points[0], transform_points[1] 

This should print out:

27.0490596011 -13.3039944497

Standalone image

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  • thanks for your code, but i still failed to get the correct result, i couldn't post the capture here, i upload the capture to my google photo, goo.gl/photos/xmNGKJ9jWWrPyNwk7 – udbird Oct 7 '16 at 13:02
  • @udbird - Good point, edited post to show another method :) – Joseph Oct 7 '16 at 13:19
  • it is weird, i run these codes using ipython shell in ubuntu 12.04, and failed again. Maybe there are some bugs with my linux, i will try the codes after i install osgeo module windows version. thanks for your helps. goo.gl/photos/xmNGKJ9jWWrPyNwk7 – udbird Oct 7 '16 at 13:40
  • @udbird - Yes that is weird, hope you get the results when you install the windows version! – Joseph Oct 7 '16 at 13:44
  • It works with windows version in my computer. thank u! – udbird Oct 7 '16 at 17:59

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