I use QGIS 2.12 in my standalone application. Now I want to upgrade my application to the lastest QGIS version (2.16). I use OSGeo4W installer to download all headers, libs and other files. I have three directories with QGIS after installation:




In every directory I can find qgis_core.dll and qgis_gui.dll. But all of them depends from release Qt libraries so I can't debug my application in Visual Studio?

It crashes with error "Must construct QApplication before QPaintDevice".

When I use QGIS 2.12 I had debug and release versions of this libraries.

My question is where I can find debug versions to run my application in debug mode?

  • Did this install qgis-rel-dev-pdb? I can see it in osgeo4w-setup, using advanced install (Fortgeschrittene Installation) – Andreas Müller Apr 19 '17 at 14:55

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