I am making an routing web application similar to Google Maps Get Direction feature. But because of the limited control and data on Google Maps, I decided to use OpenStreetMap instead. This also made me install PostGIS-PostgreSQl database, added routing functionality using pgRouting and now, I'm planning to use a GeoServer. All of these are done in Ubuntu Linux 9.04. My problem is I have difficulty using Linux and I'm more comfortable with Windows. As much as possible, I want to use Windows, but some of the things that I need are tested only in Linux (like osm2pgrouting, which I need to import OSM data to my database).

Is there a way I can implement the project using Windows, to avoid using Linux?

  • I think you can install all the applications you listed on Windows. Have you seen this link: postgis.net/windows_downloads ? It mentions providing the osm2pgrouting as a commandline utility also. – cm1 Jun 29 '17 at 2:27


Though you might find a more suitable application here:


All are opensource so you can customise for your needs.

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