Wondering if anyone knows how to get multiple geometries of what a user has drawn on an openlayers 3 map.

At the moment i am using

        var coords = feature.getGeometry().getCoordinates();

Is there a openlayers method to get the geometries of all the polygons/points etc. drawn?

hope that makes sense

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I guess you use a vector layer to place the geometry objects a user has drawn (lines, points, polygons etc) Then you need to call:

var feats = vector.getSource().getFeatures(); //You have a Collection of features console.log("feats",feats); //now you may iterate through your features feats.forEach(function(feat){ //and you may get the coordinates for each individual feature var coordinates = feat.getGeometry().getCoordinates(); });

Here is a fiddle to demostrate. Draw some vectors on the map and then press the "get all features" button

  • Thanks for the reply man! I managed to get it working just before but in a different way for anyone interested as well. I had the coordinates saving to a variable. So decided to use an array to store all the point the user had click, on each new press it would add the point to the array. Not at a computer but can post code later if anyone interested.
    – cmca
    Oct 10, 2016 at 14:07

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