I need to make a pythonaddins.OpenDialog to select a "Folder location" What is the filternto written in this statement

Folder_Location = pythonaddins.OpenDialog("Please select a folder to store the project and files in", False, "","Select a Folder", ????????,???????)

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You can't use pythonaddins.OpenDialog to select a folder. According to the documentation, it is for selecting GIS datasets, not any file/folder:

Opens a dialog box to choose one or more GIS datasets.

This function returns the full path of the dataset chosen. If multiple datasets are chosen, it returns a list of full paths. There is no filtering of the input datasets (for example, filter only for point feature classes).

  • If we want the user to select a folder, would our only option be to create a geoprocessing tool for this purpose? Jul 22, 2017 at 4:24

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