I am attempting to run a global Moran's I test with a spatial weights matrix, however when I run the process I always receive an error message and I was hoping someone could point out when I am going wrong.

My project is looking at spatial autocorrelation of health in London, as part of the process was looking to produce a spatial weights matrix using Queen's method and K nearest neighbors in order to produce a global Moran's statistic using the matrix. However I always receive the error message attached.

How do I need to set up the spatial weights matrix to avoid these errors?

enter image description here

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Your error message occurs during HTML report creation phase, and more specifically, one or more values sent to this HTML report creator have Nones which cannot be decoded to UTF-8. Most probably this is a bug that you need to raise with ESRI eventually.

I am not sure how important for you having this HTML report is but if you unchecked Generate Report option, you would be fine.


Don't know if this question is still relevant, but I might as well share my solution. I was having exactly the same problem. My layer of interest for Moran's I was a feature class in my geodatabase. Oddly enough, Global Moran's I tool was finally able to generate .html report file when the geodatabase was under edit session AND the layer was enabled in ArcMap's table of contents.

EDIT: I also found out that running Moran's I with spatial modeler also solves the problem

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