My issue is:

I can't concatenate string and noneType object. Some attribute values are empty. It follows that label isn't displayed.

What is the solution?

def FindLabel ( [CONTENU], [NOM_OBJET_USUEL] ):
  if [CONTENU] == u"Eaux usées":
    return "<CLR red='168' >" + [NOM_OBJET_USUEL] + "</CLR>"

  elif  [CONTENU] == u"Eaux mélangées":
    return  "<CLR red='168'  >" + [NOM_OBJET_USUEL] + "</CLR>"

  elif [CONTENU] == "Eaux pluviales":
    return  "<CLR green='77' blue='168' >" + [NOM_OBJET_USUEL] + "</CLR>"

  elif  [CONTENU] == "Eaux de drainage":
    return  "<CLR green='77' blue='168' >" + [NOM_OBJET_USUEL] + "</CLR>"   

If for example [NOM_OBJET_USUEL] contains empty values, replace all occurences with ([NOM_OBJET_USUEL] if [NOM_OBJET_USUEL] else "")

This replaces NoneType with an empty string.

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