I have a several maps set up with data driven pages on which I want to display several lines of text. On the first map the text box might be set up like this:

1) Sensor A.

2) Sensor B.

3) Sensor C.

The second map would have the same text box in the same place and be set up like this:

1) Sensor D.

And so on for each map.

Is it possible to have a text box which can change what is displayed based on the page that you are showing without having to populate the attribute table in the database with this text?

I'd rather avoid adding an extra field to the feature class to display this text but if I did have to is it possible to display the attributes on multiple lines in a list like I've shown above?

  • I think you'll either have to add extra fields or use arcpy, which do you prefer? – Mattropolis Oct 12 '16 at 22:39
  • Set parcer to Python and Populate field using calculator. Simply replace a,b,c in '%s\n%s\n%s' %("a","b","c") by field names or any string of your choice. – FelixIP Oct 13 '16 at 2:40
  • I would prefer the most user-friendly/quickest to implement answer to be honest as I want to incorporate it into a charting workflow. – JamesW Oct 13 '16 at 10:04
  • I realised it is also possible to represent multiple lines in a field of the attribute table if they are pasted in from a text box. I can at least get this to work by adding the extra field. – JamesW Oct 13 '16 at 11:05

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