I know how to merge two polygons in ArcGis, I have tried to merge two unclassified polygons as one in eCognition for a while now and nothing is working. still remains two separate polygons. Can someone help with a video?

  • The Process Tree method will merge the entire segmentation to one object.We cannot choose the polgons we want like it is in the free hand method. Is there a solution for this ? – Deepthi Oct 30 '17 at 13:42
  • Yes... Filtering by condition. But I'll flag this post because isn't an answer – aldo_tapia Oct 30 '17 at 13:54

You have two fast options:

Process tree method:

Add a child with Basic Object Reshaping: merge region use condition Class-related features / Relations to neighbor objects / Existence of / unclassified (0) = 1 and select parameter Candidates classes = unclassified

Free-hand method:

  1. Add Manual Editing toolbar (right-click in superior panel).

  2. Click on "Polygon selection".

  3. Select a region (in your case, two polygons) .

  4. Click on "Merge selected objects".

  5. View results.

enter image description here


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