I have a vendor who has supplied a secured ArcIMS image service (with raster data) and I am trying to add in a Silverlight based application. When I try to add this as layer in ArcMap and trying to convert this into MSD, it says that this layer is not supported. I can't really publish this map service as an msd based service. I have been trying lot of different things but haven't found the way to do this. I thought I will ask if other users have tried to do this.

My environment: ArcGIS Server 10

Thanks Jay

  • Can you grab the image from the ArcIMS service via its bounding box, then add that as an Element Layer in Silverlight?
    – ericoneal
    Jul 11 '12 at 19:01

I'm trying to do this right now... I let you know if I find a solution. However I cant find any info other than Using ArcXML which, from what i gather is server side coded which doesn't work when you cant access the server.


Since Esri Silverlight API does not contain built-in layer for consuming ArcIMS services, one option is to implement your own.

This is done by inheriting from DynamicLayer class and overriding certain method, including the GetSource method which is responsible for fetching a map image for the current extent. See the documentation of DynamicLayer for a more detailed description.

For ArcIMS (general documentation here), fetching a map image would involve issuing a GET_IMAGE request against the service.

Another alternative (and maybe significantly easier) is to publish your ArcIMS service as WMS using the ArcIMS WMS Connector. You can then consume the service as WMS, which is already supported in the Silverlight API.

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