I have a list containing 3 rasters. Running the cell statistics operation on this results in a raster in the default database. My work involves getting the numbers in the count column. I don't want to generate the raster. I just want to extract values from the output in memory if possible.


output raster name is "sumco_ras" which seems to be a default name. "outrast" is only layer name I think.

Using SearchCursor I can extract the values but it is getting complicated when the output raster is in another database with a different name.

Ideal solution would be an output in the memory workspace


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    – Vince
    Oct 23, 2016 at 17:23

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Cell statistics is intended to be used on a per cell basis. From the Cell Statistics documentation:

  • Determines the sum of the values in the inputs on a cell-by-cell basis.
  • If all the inputs are integer, the output is integer. If any of the inputs are floating point, the output is floating point.

enter image description here

You may be more interested in summarizing cells within zones, in which case you would want to use Zonal Statistics as Table or Tabulate Area, both of which provide cell counts.

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