How to use QGIS batch-processing dissolve:

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Using QGIS 2.16 under Win 10 (see screenshot). Questions:

  1. Why must I have at least two rows. When I open the window I have 3 rows. Using the red minus-icon, I can delete one row, but not two rows. I think I only need one row, because I want to dissolve only one file (layer).

  2. The last right-most cell of each row is for the output of the dissolve-process, right? Should I simple enter a filename like output.shp here?

  3. Anybody got this working under Windows?

  1. Batch processing allows you to run the same tool on more than one file/layer, hence the minimum rows of two. If you only need to run the tool on one layer, just run the tool normally by double left-click (or right-click > Execute).

  2. The last right-most cell for each show should be the Load in QGIS parameter, which asks you if you want the output to be immediately loaded into QGIS. You should define a path either manually or click the ellipses button.

  3. I don't use Windows 10 (don't want to make it easier for people to track what I'm doing) but it works perfectly fine on Windows 7.

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