I would like to know whether it´s possible to add or remove specified widgets on runtime.

form example i press any tool on my toolbar and add widget to sidebar . press again to remove widget.

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Adding widgets is not difficult. you can use topic.publish('viewer/loadWidget')

Removing them can be more problematic - depends on the widget and whether it properly cleans up after itself. ;)

I have accomplished the same thing by loading all the widgets at the start and showing/hiding the desired widget using css. Roughly something like this :

domStyle.set(dom.byId('find_parent'), 'display', 'block');

domStyle.set(dom.byId('find_parent'), 'display', 'none');

In this case find_parent is the id for the titlePane widget that contains the CMV Find widget. Note that I don't usually use dom.byId for this. It is a simple example of one option.

Would this approach work for you?


thanks dear tmcgee. this work for me.

        require(["dojo/dom-style", "dojo/dom", "dojo/on", "dojo/domReady!"],
        function (style, dom, on) {
            on(dom.byId("btnidentify"), "click", function () {
                var p_identify = dom.byId("identify_parent");
                if (p_identify.style.display === 'none') {
                    p_identify.style.display = 'block';
                } else {
                    p_identify.style.display = 'none';


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