I want to square building surfaces which are almost rectangular. I didn't find any tool in an OSgis. But there is a java library opencarto which includes such an algorithm. I'm not a professional java developer, but as i can see in the code below there are two getter methods which wait for a polygon input. My Question is how can I select with a Filechooser in java the shapefile and make every single polygon of this shapefile running through this algorithm? Or exists there almost a tool which can handle this?

public class Squarring {

public static Polygon get(Polygon poly) {
    return get(poly, 20, -1, 0.01);

public static Polygon get(Polygon poly, double angleToleranceDeg, int pointActivationLimitNb, double res) {
    Polygon poly2 = (Polygon) poly.clone();
    HashSet<GPoint> ps = new HashSet<GPoint>();
    HashSet<GSegment> segs = new HashSet<GSegment>();
    Decomposers.decomposeLimit(poly2, res, ps, segs, false, null);

    double o=new Orientation(poly2).getSidesOrientation();

    for (GSegment s : segs)..........
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