I am trying to add an image icon overlay into an existing KML file (that contains polygon layer from shapefile) without having to overwrite the file. I am currently using the "simplekml" python module which is giving me what I want.

The following code:

import simplekml

kml = simplekml.Kml()
screen = kml.newscreenoverlay(name='ScreenOverlay')
screen.overlayxy = simplekml.OverlayXY(x=0,y=1,xunits=simplekml.Units.fraction,
screen.screenxy = simplekml.ScreenXY(x=15,y=15,xunits=simplekml.Units.pixel,
screen.size.x = -1
screen.size.y = -1
screen.size.xunits = simplekml.Units.fraction
screen.size.yunits = simplekml.Units.fraction

Is there a way I can read and write an existing KML file without having to recreate a new one. Is there a function that allows me to modify and save the KML file?

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According to the creator of simplekml:

Unfortunately, simplekml is just a kml generator, it cannot read and manipulate existing kml, only create it. You will have to use an alternative, such as pyKML.

Source: groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/simplekml

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