I'd like to hook up keyboard shortcuts to my map controls e.g. holding down 'z' will activate the zoombox tool etc. I can't seen anything relevent in the API for doing this. Is it easily done? My controls are sat beneath dojo toggle buttons and menu items like so:

// zoom tool
zoomBoxTool = new OpenLayers.Control.ZoomBox();

// zoom button
var zoomBoxButton = new dijit.form.ToggleButton({
    label : "Zoom",
    iconClass: "zoomIcon",
    showLabel : false,
    onChange : function(val) {
        toggleTool(val, zoomBoxTool, this)

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in my application, with using extjs and openlayers, in extjs app. i have control whether capslock open or not with some charcodes...

in openlayers you can add some handleKeyEvent script to openlayers/lib/Handler/Keyboard.js which is locate end of the code.

you can look at for Javascript Char Codes and some Openlayers Code

i hope it helps you

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