I have a raster which has a Z-value applied to each pixel. I want to reclassify the raster so that any pixels with values below 1 are removed. Is there an ArcMap tool which can perform this task?


Answered this myself, the Reclassify tool under 3D Analyst tools - Raster Reclass allows you to redefine the values of a range of pixels. I set one of the classes as 0-1 and set the new values to 'NoData'. The resulting output created the raster without any pixel values below 1.

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    That will work, there are other solutions as well. FYI, this operation isn't a 'clip', clipping usually means erasing everything outside of a certain 2D boundary from your original layer. – Dan C Oct 31 '16 at 15:05

I would suggest you look at the "Set Null" tool if you are hoping to keep all other raster values intact but remove those < 1.

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