I'm working with the ArcGIS Server REST API in a python script. In order to access my server, I need to generate a token and put it into the https://myserverurl.com/arcgis/rest/login page, however, I'm unable to find the URL where a token is generated. This page says "To acquire this token, go to https://myserverurl.com/arcgis and enter https://myserverurl.com/arcgis/rest' for the 'Webapp URL' parameter." This link redirects me to https://myserverurl.com/arcgis/sharing/rest/generatetoken, but it is an empty page.

Some URLs I've tried include: https://myserverurl.com/arcgis/rest/generatetoken and https://myserverurl.com/arcgis/rest/authentication, among others. ESRI's documentation asks for http://gisserver.domain.com:6080/arcgis/tokens, but this is not working either.

Am I missing something?


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two things: make sure get requests are enabled server.arcgis.com/en/server/latest/administer/linux/… and then you will have to include the username and password in the url like this: http://domain.net:6080/arcgis/tokens/generateToken?username=theusername&password=thepassword&client=requestip


It sounds like you have your answer to enable GET requests, but I just wanted to mention to get the url you can always make a request to the info resource to obtain the tokenServicesUrl. For example, if your domain is gis.your-domain.com, you can make a call like this:


This will return JSON similar to this:

 "currentVersion": 10.31,
 "fullVersion": "10.3.1",
 "soapUrl": "http://gis.your-domain.com/arcgis/services",
 "secureSoapUrl": "https://gis.your-domain.com/arcgis/services",
 "authInfo": {
  "isTokenBasedSecurity": true,
  "tokenServicesUrl": "https://gis.your-domain.com/arcgis/tokens/",
  "shortLivedTokenValidity": 480

Then to actually obtain the token, hit the tokenServicesUrl with your credentials.

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