Currently I work with the Franzisco-Josephinische (3) Landesaufnahme (Austria-Hungary) map in area around Lake Neusiedel. There are some map sheets around Vienna with the scale of 1:12.500 In the legend there are different fonts for different objects (e.g. mountains, villages, cultures): https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Abkürzungsverzeichnis,_Zeichenschlüssel_der_GKM.jpg

Within the map there are small area which are labeled with "H" and "W": area around Jois/Goysz, 1:12.500 withe "H" and "W"

I exclude woods/Wälder for "W" because some area have never been woods. I assume H: heather, commen grazing ground/Hutweide and W: meadow/Wiese or grazing ground with one particualr owner.

Does anybody know the the meaning of H/W or know a reference? (Sorry if wrong exchange, but most people working with maps are here)


The legend you have linked is from a different mapset with larger scale: Generalkarte 1:200000.

For the Spezialkarte 1:75000, the legend is at wikimedia

Your image is from the Aufnahmeblatt 1:12500, but no legend is available for that.

You can compare the same place on the Spezalkarte 1:75000 at mapire. There, the Goyszer Haide is rendered as meadow, so Heide and Wiese shoud be the right explanation.

  • I ask at the sccessor organisation of the military geography insititute (the BEV) and they answered also tha H stands for Haide/heather and W for Wiese/meadow. – user16032 Nov 3 '16 at 12:01

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