I have a collection of shapefiles that I want to "Share as > ArcGIS Runtime Content". In this collection there are a few shapefiles that cause an error. If I access this function through the menu a "General function failure" is returned. Capturing the error in an ArcPy script is more informative:

... could not be compiled as a Runtime Geodatabase Package. ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Operation Failed

DBMS table not found

Failed to execute (CreateRuntimeContent)

I have looked up other posts involving "DBMS table not found" What does 'DBMS table not found' message mean? and DBMS Table Not Found with SQLite and ArcGIS 10.3) and it seems this issue is associated with vectors shaped in database formats. Since my vectors are all stored in ESRI shapefiles, I am not sure why this error occurs.

The shapefiles seem to be intact when I load them in a map.

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