Without using ArcPy, how can I create a circle label show many pieces of information from an attribute table in ArcGIS?

I have image about planning zone map, with specific label on top of objects, now I need digitizing map in ArcGIS.

Planning label (note)


The comments contain two methods that seem reasonable to me:

Possible with a combination of EMF graphic (or a vector symbol if you can create one from that looks like this - tricky on other machines if fonts are involved) and formatted text if all the source atributes are in the feature class that's being labelled. Placement will not be perfect if the features being labelled are polygons. You will of course need to use a label expression with formatting tags.

  • with ArcPy I think it should be possible to:

to get a label point and convert it to page units, then to use graphic and text elements to draw the "fancy" label offset from it. This would be in layout view.

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