I tried every thing I can think of, official Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server, FreeTDS, etc.... I'm able to connect to the SQL Server DB from the terminal (isql,sqsh) I can use PostgreSQL's Foreign Data Wrapper to connect PG and MSSQL, but I can't connect QGIS. I get the same error:

Driver not loaded Driver not loaded

How do I connect linux QGIS to SQL Server?

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You can find an answer in this giude. Look up for "Add MySQL Spatial Layer"

  • I had tried It, also no success. What I noticed is that QGIS removes MS ODBC The following packages will be REMOVED: libodbc1-utf16 msodbcsql odbcinst-utf16 odbcinst1debian2-utf16 unixodbc-dev-utf16 unixodbc-utf16 . Is it a bug?
    – A. Jesus
    Nov 3, 2016 at 12:39

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