I know how to overwrite the TEMP variable path from the QGIS Interface, but I'm having problems doing the same thing via stand-alone Python scripts (using QgsApplication).

For example, I have the following script:

# Prepare QGIS environment
import sys
from qgis.core import *
from PyQt4.QtGui import *
app = QApplication([])
QgsApplication.setPrefixPath("E:\\QGIS\\apps\\qgis", True)

# Prepare processing framework 
from processing.core.Processing import Processing
import processing
from processing.tools import *

# Set variables
algorithm = "saga:rastercalculator"
input = "E:/input.tif"
addInput = None
formula = "ifelse(a=0, 0/0, ifelse(a<0, 0/0, a))"
useNoData = False
dataType = 7
result = "E:/output.tif"

# Run algorithm
processing.runalg(algorithm, input, addInput, formula, useNoData,
                  dataType, result)

# Exit QGIS

Along with the output, the script creates TEMP files in the following location:


How can I set a different path for the TEMP files?

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You can overwrite the temporary folder where Processing writes files by calling os.environ before executing the algorithm (i.e., before calling processing.runalg()):

On Windows:

import os           # This line should go in the imports section
os.environ['TMP'] = "E:\\my\\own\\tmp\\folder\\"

On GNU/Linux:

import os              # This line should go in the imports section
os.environ['TMPDIR'] = "/my/own/tmp/folder/"

The good part is that using os.environ you won't set the environment variable TEMP/TMP/TMPDIR permanently. It works for the current Python script/application, so you won't mess other applications up.


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