I want to perform a viewshed analysis using multiple obeservation points. Each observation point has an observer height of 1.7 m and a buffer visibility distance of 5 km. In order to generate a buffer of 5 km I populated the my testpoint dataset with an attribute table RADIUS2 with 5000 meter, corresponding to the buffer viewshed limit. I used ArcGIS 10 to build a model builder that fairly does what I want. See Figure 1. enter image description here

I tested the model by using three points: Point 1&2 in proximity of each other and therefore generating visibility value of 2. Then I generated a third point at distance bigger 5 km from the other two points in order to check if visibility buffer of 5 km in my model works. As you can see from figure 2 is does not, because point 3 should have value of 1 (blue), instead it is still influenced by the viewshed of point 1&2. Can somebody help me figure out what is wrong in my modelbuilder? enter image description here


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As you have specified you are using ArcGIS 10.0 but not which build version then a simple search using google has thrown up this list of issues fixed by the service Pack 5. Viewshed radius being one of them. I suggest you install service pack 5 or upgrade your version of ArcGIS.

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