I want to use 2 fields of my shapefile to work with in my modelbuilder. One field is the Category, that comprises up to 10 different categories of environmental quality and another is the Season, that comprises the 4 seasons of the year.

I want to use model builder to iterate between my fields to generate different shapefiles with the following output:

SHP1: Category1_Summer
SHP2: Category1_Winter
SHP3: Category1_Fall
SHP4: Category1_Spring
SHP5: Category2_Summer

To do that I'm using Select and Copy tool. But how to use the iterator in order to combine the two fields? enter image description here

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An iterator will loop over ONE field only. So the solution to your problem is to create a field with all the unique values that you want to loop over. You can prepare your dataset by adding a new field and using the Calculate Field tool to concatenate the values in your 2 other fields, then point the iterator to your new field.

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