In the ModelBuilder (ArcGIS 10.3) I'm creating a tool where I want to let the user decide the Percentage_Of_Overlap, which is a field in my vector dataset.

For that, I want to create a variable where the user can insert a integer between 0 and 100.

I'm using the Selecting Tool, so it would be (in the Query Builder):

PercentageOfOverlap >= Value

Where the Value, will be the inserted value by the user.

How to do that with ModelBuilder?

  • What does this part of your model look like at the moment? Please include a picture to illustrate what you have tried. When you say "Selecting Tool", do you mean the Select (Analysis) tool? – PolyGeo Nov 6 '16 at 21:46

You want to be creating a standalone variable (what you are calling Value) then expose it as a parameter. You could then set a Range Filter of 0 to 100.

Would recommend you spend some quality time looking into the model builder section of the Help file as this give examples and walkthroughs.

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