I'm trying to create a detailed building basemap for the state of Washington in the Portal for ArcGIS on premises. In order to make the basemap moving faster, and considering it's large size and static, I simply chose to use tiled mapping service or cached map service. However, there are some concepts I am not very clear, especially about the difference between those two services. Both services have a function to meet my requirement from Esri's documentation:

Hosted tiled service:

Tile layers published to and hosted on your portal support fast visualization of large datasets using a collection of predrawn map images or tiles. Hosted tiles provide geographic context for your operational layers. For example, you might include tiles of streets in your neighborhood to provide a visual reference for the street signs in your feature layer. (http://server.arcgis.com/en/portal/latest/use/publish-tiles.htm)

Cached map service:

The best way to create fast map services is to cache them. When you cache a map service, the server draws the map at a set of scale levels that you define and saves the images. When the server receives a request for a map, it's much quicker to return one of these cached images than to draw the map again. (http://server.arcgis.com/en/server/latest/get-started/windows/tutorial-creating-a-cached-map-service.htm)

Here are five (5) questions:

  1. What's the difference between those two methods? It seems both of
    them can manage the caching properties in the Service Editor; while the hosted tiled mapping is published thru the Portal, while the
    cached map service thru the server. Some people say they are the same (https://geonet.esri.com/thread/79128).
  2. Moreover, publishing thru the Portal only has two options for the Capabilities: Tiled Mapping and Feature Access; while there are more capabilities choices by publishing thru the Server. Does that mean publishing thru the Portal is less functional than publishing thru the Server?
  3. And why there are both "Tield Mapping" choice and "Caching" for publishing thru the Portal; while only one choice, Caching, is availabe for publishing thru Server? Are they the same?
  4. Does the federation affect these two methods, publishing thru Portal or Server?

Service Editor when publishing a hosted tiled mapping (Portal): enter image description here

Service Editor when publishing to a Server: enter image description here

  1. After publishing the tiled/cached service, there is an option to View Cache Status in "My Hosted Services"; while there is no such option in "GIS Servers" in the Catalog. How to understand this "inconsistence"?

My Hosted Services (Portal for ArcGIS):

enter image description here

GIS Servers/Hosted folder:

enter image description here

Here are answers I got from Esri support, and you can reopen this post if it will be helpful for other GISers.

  1. One is hosted, the other is published to server. Essentially the same, depending on how you want to consume them.

  2. No. Server has more capabilities because Portal does not support certain capabilities for hosted services (i.e. KML, WMS, WFS, etc).

  3. Portal is preconfigured with basemaps (like AGOL). Usually use feature services to work with Portal (add FS to web map) Tiled mapping would be to include a custom basemap Server can have a map service enabled without caching (dynamic) – uses DataStore. Portal will host it on Server.

  4. It can. All existing map services will appear on Portal and you can use those map services dynamically.

  5. Cached map is only being hosted on Server. Server will not manage items published to Portal. Only serves as a reference for the service, not as a manager. Portal overrides most Server functionality.

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