Newbie to arcpy. Tried using this tool after successfully using Extract Value to Point tool with same data. I received the correct data appended to the attributes table. I would like to use the Multi Values tool but I am getting the errors below. I shortened the files names to avoid character limits but still unsure what this error means.

import arcpy
mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument("CURRENT")
df = mxd.activeDataFrame

shpFile = "C:/Users/Documents/ArcGIS/data.gdb/shpFile"
file1 = "C:/Users/Documents/ArcGIS/data.gdb/FA290"
file2 = "C:/Users/Documents/ArcGIS/data.gdb/FA300"
arcpy.sa.ExtractMultiValuesToPoints(shpFile, [[file1, "FA290"],[file2, "FA300"]], "NONE")


Runtime error Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 8, in File "c:\program files (x86)\arcgis\desktop10.4\arcpy\arcpy\sa\Functions.py", line 7345, in ExtractMultiValuesToPoints bilinear_interpolate_values) File "c:\program files (x86)\arcgis\desktop10.4\arcpy\arcpy\sa\Utils.py", line 53, in swapper result = wrapper(*args, **kwargs) File "c:\program files (x86)\arcgis\desktop10.4\arcpy\arcpy\sa\Functions.py", line 7340, in Wrapper bilinear_interpolate_values) File "c:\program files (x86)\arcgis\desktop10.4\arcpy\arcpy\geoprocessing_base.py", line 506, in return lambda *args: val(*gp_fixargs(args, True))

ExecuteError: ERROR 999999: Error executing function. The table was not found. [VAT_FA300] Failed to execute (ExtractMultiValuesToPoints).

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There is a bug that could correspond to your issue:

BUG-000096840 - The Extract Multi Values to Points tool fails with "Error 999999" when a 64-bit raster is used as the input in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4 and 10.4.1.

It is fixed in ArcGIS 10.5 for Desktop (now available as Beta) and ArcGIS Pro 1.3, you can test the tool in these versions if you have access to them.


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