I have a vector layer (point) with attribute columns cat, value1 and value2. I need to draw a scatter plot (value1 vs value2) in GRASS.

I can see scatter plot option for raster maps in GRASS? Is there a option available for vector/point map in GRASS?

  • I've solved the problem (scatter plot from vector attribute table) by importing attribute table in R (within GRASS) and installed "rgrass7" library. However, I'm looking for a command in GRASS to draw a scatter plot from vector (point) attribute table. – user1234 Nov 16 '16 at 17:21

For completness also here: I am not aware of a GUI tool for that, sorry. But you have the full power of R at your fingertips:

In your GRASS console start R and then

# Load GRASS library

# Fetch attributes
attributes <- execGRASS("v.db.select", map=’yourvectormap’, separator=’,’)

# Parse the result
con <- textConnection(attributes)
data <- read.csv(con, header=TRUE)

#Make your plot
plot(value1 ~ value2, data=data)

See also the GRASS-R-Wiki and an introduction into scatterplots in R.

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