I would like to have the URL from an attribute (in the attribute table) as a 'hotlink' wherein you can click on the URL and it opens the browser with the data. As it is right now, I'm having to identify feature, R-click on the URL and copy/paste the URL into a browser.


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Take a look in Action menu at QGIS documentation. You need to define an action, this could be open urls defined by a field.

  • Open your vector's properties, go to actions and select + button.
  • type = open.
  • Action text = [%url_field%] and click insert.

To ejecute action, click in your object with Run feature action button (attributes toolbar).


You have to:

  1. Add a text field (PATH for example) to table and place the url to the pdf in the that field.

  2. Then go to layer properties and go to actions and add new action

  3. Type = open, Action text type [% "PATH" %]

  4. Select OK and apply.


The feature is implemented in QGIS 3.22

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