How can I select all those features that has exact same values in their attribute field called "X"? I think that the solution could be something like the Countif function in Excel, but I haven't found such function in QGIS. I know that there is the Group Stats plugin, but I would like to select values and later work with them.


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Use function Select features using an expression (enter image description here icon in main panel or in attribute table). In expression window type :

"your_field" = 'value'

Reacting to your detailing comment:

You can chain your expression with logical operators like: AND, OR ... so in your example it can be:

"your_field" = 'value' OR "your_field" = 'value2'

When you finish writing expression hit Select button.

Expression window:

enter image description here

In this window you can olso browse layer attributes, their values, operators, functions etc.. For more info see Selecting features in an attribute table in QGIS documentation.

  • I am familiar with these basic selections, but I don't know what is the solution if I have thousands of records and I have no idea that which values have duplicates. @ami shared the link (gis.stackexchange.com/questions/27822/…) that describes my problem.
    – Skye
    Commented Nov 14, 2016 at 23:00

On QGIS 2.16 or later just select your layer and then press f3. You'll get an easy dialog for selecting features by attribute.


Use function Select features using an expression select using expression iconicon in main panel or in attribute table. In expression window type (replacing field_with_dupes with your field name):

count("field_with_dupes", "field_with_dupes") > 1

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