i want to convert about 200 shp files to Mapinfo tabs. I found How to batch "Layer save as"-process in QGIS? on running through multiple layers and saving them as shp files. But when i tried to adjust the code for "Mapinfo TAB" it didn't work.

Any ideas?

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FME Quick Translator (also known as Universal Translator), a tool that comes with MapInfo Pro, lets you select multiple input files, or a folder with multiple input files.

You can also specify how to deal with this at the output side: Merge into one of keep as separate output files.

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I would make use of GDAL, specifically ogr2ogr, to do this using a batch file. There is a previous question (Using ogr2ogr to convert all shapefiles in directory?) with a good answer as to how you can achieve this for all shapefiles within a given directory.

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