I'm creating a custom Audit History component that will show old values (base values) and the new values (delta versioned tables).

I have been able to get the ObjectIDs of different change types between the base and delta tables changes such as:





but I can't figure out how to access the actual versioned table (IVersionedTable - I'm assuming) so that I can compare each field's value to the base table (If there was an update, I need to know which field was updated, and the difference between the 2 values). Or, is there a better way of doing this? Am I on the right track?

private static void getVersionedFeature(string parentVersion, string specificVersion)
        IWorkspace pWorkspace = connectToAtlasEditSDE();
        IVersionedWorkspace pVersionedWorkspace = (IVersionedWorkspace)pWorkspace;
        //get a enumeration of all the versions on the versioned workspace
        IEnumVersionInfo enumVersionInfo = pVersionedWorkspace.Versions;
        IVersionInfo versionInfo = enumVersionInfo.Next();
        while (versionInfo != null)

            string versionName = versionInfo.VersionName;
            if (versionName == parentVersion)
                IEnumVersionInfo childrenVersionInfo = versionInfo.Children;
                IVersionInfo childrenInfo = childrenVersionInfo.Next();
                while (childrenInfo != null)
                    string childName = childrenInfo.VersionName;
                    if (childrenInfo.VersionName.Equals(specificVersion))
                        // get table here?!
                    childrenInfo = childrenVersionInfo.Next();
            versionInfo = enumVersionInfo.Next();

Reference this documentation:


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