I have Open Geo Suite 4.8 installed on a server. I tried to enable CORS by following the guide given here. I have the jetty-servlets file in the directory given in the Boundless instructions.

After restarting OpenGeo Jetty (version 7.6.13), I now get a 503- Service Unavailable message when I try to view the map services in our web app.

Is there another step that I am missing? The steps given in the Boundless page are pretty straighforward.

I already reviewed the answer given to Enabling CORS in GeoServer (jetty)?, but I am still getting a service unavailable error.

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finally found the problem after digging through the error logs

was nothing more than a comment in the web.xml file that had more than two dashes (even though the line was commented out as expected) ..oof, lesson learned...

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