I'm trying to use a QGIS WMS layer and show it on a Robinson projection but can't get it working.

The ol-debug shows a "transform should be defined" error, I think it's because of a wrong projection extent.

Official epsg.io documentation for 54030 doesn't show a bound, so also OL projection example doesn't work as bbox is empty.

Here a jsfiddle with my attempts showing successful use of the WMS layer with 4326 and error with 54030 projection.

  • No idea if your world extent is a problem. In Esri software, the min/max extents for Esri:54030 are (x,y order): -16986823.31, -8615716.7828563 and 16986823.31, 8615716.7828563. Your center is 151195.612863, 4441146.976346. – mkennedy Nov 17 '16 at 1:30

It seems like there is no way to add WMS layer in Robinson projection, because proj4js doesn't support this kind of projection, see #191.

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