Me [USER1] and my colleague [USER2] , have created the following ArcGIS 10.3.1 versioning workflow : enter image description here

Then each one of us started editing on his respective public version . He then reconciled with [GISOWNER.QAQC] , disconnected from [USER2.VERSION2] and reconnected to it as [GISOWNER] in order to post the changes to [GISOWNER.QAQC] but it failed due to insufficient privileges . He then later reconnected to his version as [USER2] but it also failed for same reason .

My questions are :

1) is this scenario even applicable ?

2) if so , how can we post changes?

2) if no , what are the changes need to be made?


Only admin of database can edit in protected level. I think Gisowner user is not admin of database.

Protected: Any user may view the version, but only the owner or the geodatabase administrator may edit datasets in the version or the version itself.

See Creating versions and setting permissions.

You can use private level instead of protected

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