I'm working on a student project trying to make a slope map with degree values. I downloaded a DEM file from a map service and used the raster ->analyze(tool)->terrain model and got the model. Now I would like to make a slope map

I googled it and found Calculating slope in percentage with QGIS

The second answer seem to have the solution, but I'm simply too much of a beginner to quite get what I have to click, step by step, to do this. He links to gdaldem

How do I make the operation to get the percent slope values?

  • Are you looking for slope in percentages or slope in degrees? There is a slight difference between the two.
    – Tins
    Nov 18, 2016 at 12:22

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In QGIS (build 2.16.2) there is a function for this build in, as is the case in many GIS programs, which calculates the slope for you.

In QGIS this tool can be found under 'Raster'-> 'Terrain Analysis' -> 'Slope', in the menu bar at the top.

As input it requires your DEM raster file.


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