I´m having a bit of an understanding problem with a DEM TIF file. I have a DEM TIF file which is served with Geoserver. When I click on the layer the WMSGetFeatureInfo gives me the following output:


I realise that the 110.0 is the height, but what I don´t understand is why the raster field is called grey_index. The DGM was produced from a point shapefile which was then interpolated using spatialanalyst. The height field in the shapefile was called "z" so why is this then converted to "grey_index"?

For the WMSGetFeatureInfo I would like to change the field name to "Height" but how do I do this? Is this really a "Field" in the same sense as a shapefile dbf? Am I able to just change field names in raster files?

I have GDAL and ESRI libraries available if anyone can help.


The name of the third pixel value is set as axisName in the info.xml file that can be found from data_dir/coverages/[coverage name]. Edit it, save and reload the configuration.


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