I want to create a grid over my map and for each box in that grid I want to record attributes from other layers in my project; or I want to add columns in the attributes table for the grid layer where these columns contain data about other layers in my project.

For example if my grid layer is named grid and I have another layer called location which consists of points, then I want to add a column to the grid attributes table that gives me the total number of points in location that coincide with each box of grid. This is a simple example, but I need to do this for many layers to create many fields in the grid attributes table. My hope is export this attributes table for economic analysis.


You can use Count points in polygon tool which, which from its name it counts the point in each polygon, as you can see below:

enter image description here

Just seach in Processing toolbox for Count points in polygon tool and you will find it.

enter image description here

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