I am working on a project where I am trying to map affordable housing and bus stops.

I have used the buffer tool to find out how many bus stops are there within a one mile radius of each affordable house but is there a way to count the bus stops in that one mile radius?

I want to say near X affordable house, there are Y bus stops. Right now what I have is a circle indicating the one mile radius but no count of the number of bus stops in that area.

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I would suggest using the "Select by Location" tool as mentioned here in the Esri documentation.

At the top of your application go the selection tab then:

Click Selection > Select By Location to open the Select by Location dialog box.

Here is a sample follow through that you can use with your datasets

So your select from freatures would be the bus stops

enter image description here

Your select from source is the buffer

enter image description here

You could also use the different select by location methods such as the

Are within a distance

enter image description here

Contain enter image description here

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